Our Blessing Boxes are available 24/7 if you need immediate assistance. Please visit one of our boxes to obtain a few items. If you need more than what our boxes offer, please contact us at 704-960-4181 or info@your1can.org.

Our Locations

1030 Central Drive NW-Concord

170 Pitts School Rd. Concord

1165 Warren C. Coleman Blvd. S-Concord

Bruton Smith Blvd. - Concord

Downtown Concord (corner Corbin Ave. S.  & Union St. S.)

300 Mooresville Rd. Kannapolis

Corner of Brookdale St. & Floyd St. Kannapolis

4560 State Hwy 49-Harrisburg

Additional Resources

FindHelp.org has over 2,000 resource listings serving our region.

Cooperative Christian Ministries

Salvation Army Concord: 704-782-7822

Opportunity House: https://www.opphouse.net/



Snackpak Program

This program assists school aged children who suffer from food insecurity by providing them with a bag filled with at least 3 assorted snacks and a juice box. These bags are now put together throughout each school year and donated to Cabarrus County & Kannapolis City Schools.  Fall of 2022 over 5900 snackpaks were donated. As of 2023 we will donate a minimum of 100 snackpaks to each school at the beginning of the year and then deliver more as each school needs them. This will allow the schools to not have to store them all and be able to consistently provide these to students in need as 1CAN will be able to provide more snackpaks during the full school year.

Hear From Our Families

Vision Partner Program

1CAN launched our Vision Partner Program in December of 2022, this program provides an avenue for 1CAN to increase the number of people in need we can reach. During Our Senior Love Day event we spoke to many different providers and realized so many in need are being underserved, since a single agency cannot address every issue. Our goal with this program is put directly into the hands of those in need & underserved as much food that is appropriate for and welcome by them.


1CAN provides 200 meal bags a month that they distribute to their clients that are food insecure. These clients are unable to utilize our blessing boxes, this partnership allows 1CAN to assist these seniors in need.

Harm reduction program: 1CAn provides 100 snack bags a month for their clients that are in need of food.

1CAN provides 10 meal bags a month to their families in need and Holiday Meals to 25 of their families.

40 Odell School Rd. Concord, NC 28027